Improper Windshield Replacement
can jeopardize passenger safety.

The National Glass Association states that a comprehensive windshield replacement and installation is as important to your safety as seat belts, air bags and anti-lock brakes. Your windshield was installed at the factory with specific materials and under ideal conditions to get your windshield to hold in place under stressful circumstances. It was designed to serve as a safety device in multiple ways.

Proper Windshield Replacement functions:

Airbag Timing - As part of a vehicle's structure, the windshield is critical factor of proper airbag timing.  In a crash, an improperly installed windshield may cause an airbag to deploy too early or too late.  In either case, the intended cushion of the airbag won't be present and safety of the occupants may be comprised.

Airbag Support - On impact the windshield acts as a brace to support the passenger side airbag. If the windshield separates, the airbag does not have a constrained space, and it is not effective in protecting the occupant.

Structural Integrity - The windshield is an important part of a vehicle’s energy management system, which directs crash energy around the occupant compartment. If the windshield is improperly installed, the vehicle may crumple differently than the manufacturer intended, which may jeopardize occupants.

Rollover Strength - In a rollover accident, the windshield provides strength by helping to keep the roof from crushing in on any vehicle occupants. In some model designs, the windshield supplies up to 50% of the vehicle’s roll over strength.

Ejection Barrier - When the windshield cushions the occupant’s impact, it also keeps the occupants within the relative safety of the passenger compartment. If the windshield becomes separated from the vehicle, the occupants could be ejected through the windshield opening and onto the roadway. Outside the vehicle, the danger of being crushed by the vehicle is greatly enhanced.

There is one common thread which connects all five windshield safety functions. The windshield must remain securely in place on the vehicle.

Windshield installation costs vary from shop to shop, but you may find a comprehensive windshield installation is not more expensive, it’s just not the least expensive.  Our recommended auto glass replacement providers not only install windshields they install safety.  Thus no short cuts are taken and you’ll have a windshield installation that will perform on impact. Do you need your windshield replaced?  See our recommended auto glass shop for your windshield replacement quote today.

When shopping for an auto glass replacement, remember windshield replacement cost is one factor in choosing your service provider, but choosing the least expensive installation price without regard to assurances of proper installation usually cost more down the road.

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