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How much does it cost to repair my windshield?

The price varies based on how much damage you have. For example, you may have more than one stone chip (small crack) Typical damage we repair is the size of a quarter or smaller, or a long crack (up to 14" inch long) for damage larger than a quarter, a picture is needed to determine if it can be repaired.  Minor damage does not need as much resin or time and therefore can cost less. The normal price range is between $40 - $90.  To get your specific quote, call me at 248-565-4085.

Will my auto insurance rates go up if I make a claim?  
Under Michigan Law your rates cannot go up from making a windshield repair claim on it’s own merit. You would need to have made a couple other claims in the recent past, then if you make another auto glass claim, then your insurance may raise your rates because of filing so many within a short period of time. It is always better to find out, just call and ask your auto insurance agent.

Other places offer free repairs, do you offer it too?  
Yes… if your insurance company waives your deductible we can bill them directly. You see the free repairs the other windshield repair guys in mall parking lots are advertising is only when your insurance covers the cost of the repairs. We prefer to say “No Cost to you”.

Can you file the insurance claim for me?  
Yes, we can initiate the call to your insurance company at the time of the appointment. However, most of them require they speak with their policy holder for a few minutes to collect certain information. A few auto insurance companies will not need to speak to you and thus we can process everything for you. When you fill in the repair request form, enter in the name of your insurance and we will know how to proceed.

What if I have PLPD insurance (No comprehensive coverage)?  
Stone chip damage falls under the comprehensive portion of your insurance, if you don’t have this under your policy the windshield repair cost will not be covered. However, our windshield repair prices will still be less than a replacement.

Windshield Chip Repair

What is a windshield repair?  
The windshield repair process involves removing dirt and moisture from the damage area of the windshield, and then a liquid resin is injected into the damaged area. Techniques and tools are used to fill in cracks and remove air. Ultra violet light hardens the liquid inside the break and bonds to the surrounding glass to prevent further cracking and dramatically improves the appearance.

What is a Windshield Repair Specialist?  
A windshield repair specialist. (W.R.S.) WRS are individuals whose occupation is windshield repair and not replacements, they are independent and are not employed at an auto glass shop. Specialist typically service vehicles of the business community including fleet vehicles, dealerships, and have repeat individual customers.

Do you warranty your repairs?  
Our repairs are guaranteed to not crack further for as long as you own your the vehicle. Our Failure rate is less than 0.5%. Basically a failure is a rare event. However, if you find the crack spreading further call us as soon as possible. We will inspect the crack and if possible repair it. If it is not possible to repair it, the amount paid as shown on your invoice will be refunded to the person or company who paid for the repair service as shown on invoice. Invoice must be shown for reimbursement.  Note: We will not guarantee cracks or other damage on your windshield that have been repaired by another auto glass company, or from new damage that did not originate from the damage indicated on your invoice. Altered Invoices will void our guarantee / warranty.

Why not have the stone chip fixed at a replacement shop?  
If you owned an auto glass service shop and a customer came in with a windshield that cost $500 to replace or only $65 to repair what type of service would you rather sell to this potential customer?  The replacement for $500 I would hope, after all you are in business to make money. Therefore, what incentive do you have to properly train your employee to do great repairs when you make so much more money when your employee sells and replaces auto glass?  Bottom line.  If you want a great replacement service go to a independent auto glass shop (preferably family owned) that is AGRSS certified. But if you want the best repair, use an experienced windshield repair technician.

What type of weather conditions can you perform repairs?  
Temperatures 30 degrees and above, we may need you to turn on your vehicle’s heat to warm up the windshield. Rain: we can not work under rain or snow conditions, however, if you have a garage or carport that kept your vehicle dry, it can be repaired. Heat: temperatures above 85 degrees results in your windshield glass to exceed 140 degrees. Placing your vehicle in the shade is recommended.  If you don’t have means to shade your vehicle we do have portable shading, but the repair process necessarily will take longer to set up and cool down the windshield before we begin the repair process.

How much time does it take to repair a chip? 
The average time is about 15 - 20 minutes.  As soon as the repair is complete your vehicle is ready to drive or wash (no waiting period).  Please wait till after the repair is complete before washing your vehicle.

How big of a chip can you repair? 
Any stone chip damage up to 1.25"inches in diameter. If larger, a picture is needed to determine if your specific damage is repairable.  Just follow our how to take a picture instructions.

Does it matter where I get a windshield repair? 
Quality repairs are often done by a windshield repair specialist.  These are individuals whose full time occupation is windshield repair.  Be aware of oil change, tire shops, and the high volume locations such as at the local mall.  Often technicians are not trained to evaluate the break and rely solely on a automated mechanical process that lead to incomplete work that lead to failed repairs.

How will the damage look after the repair? 
A chip without cracks extending from it will be less visible than ones with cracks.  We expect the windshield chip repairs we complete to remove 70% to 90% of the visual damage when view the completed repair from outside the vehicle.  With all repairs, there is some scarring (a blemish that is still visible after the repair is completed) scarring is less smaller damage and more with larger damage.  Clarity depends on the size, shape, age, the amount of glass missing from the surface and contamination are all factors.  The longer a stone chip is delayed in having it repaired the more likely dirt, soap, wax and other chemicals will get in the break which can lessen the visual quality of the repair, for best results repair as soon as possible.

After the repair is complete, is there a wait period? 
No, as soon as we are done with the repair process your vehicle is ready to drive or wash.  Unlike windshield replacement that sometimes the wait period can take several hours.

Can I bring my vehicle to your shop? 
We are a mobile service company.  To keep overhead low we do not maintain a commercial building.  We do make appointments at locations near technicians central location.  However, depending where our daily appointments take us, we may be close enough to your location.

Windshield Crack Repair

What kind of long crack damage is repairable? 
Please visit our long crack repair guide for complete details.

How will the crack look after it has been repaired? 
Windshield crack repair takes away 65% to 80% of the visual damage when viewing from outside the vehicle.  Depending if there has been dirt or chemicals caught in the crack. Because long cracks are more open toward the edge of the windshield, contamination happens much quicker.  It will be less visible on the outside of the vehicle, but will be more noticeable on the inside of the vehicle because the light coming into the vehicle makes it easier to see.  For best results, have the crack repaired as soon as possible by a windshield repair specialist.  Note:  just putting a drill hole at the end of the crack won't prevent it from spreading.

My agent said cracks over 6 inches cannot be repaired, is this true? 
We use a patented system and specific methods to repair long cracks. The technology to repair long cracks is mostly unknown, however it's starting to catch on.

Why don't other glass shops offer long crack repair? 
Auto glass shops typically focus on replacement not repair as their primary revenue source.  Therefore they need a commercial building to bring vehicles inside to perform the work.  A replacement is more profitable and will cover their normal business operational cost much faster than repairs.  In which case they have little incentive to acquire the technology and training to perform long crack repair.

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