Windshield Repair Price
& other Payment Options

The windshield repair price from a National Brand will charge $120.00 for one repair if you are paying out of pocket and not using your auto insurance to cover the cost.  The average cost for our professional windshield repair service is $55 to repair damage up to 1.25 inches in diameter.  There is an additional cost for larger (single long cracks) or multiple damage areas, depending upon the severity of your damage or the number of additional chips or cracks to be repaired.  Please check our mobile service area to make sure we are available in your area. If you are outside our mobile service range, we can arrange a meetup location just inside our mobile service area for your convenience.

Windshield Repair Price Chart

Service Type


Mobile Service Prices

1 chip / crack

Rock damage up to 1.25" inch in diameter.


Additional Damage

2nd / 3rd chip repair on same vehicle

$10.00 / each

Single Long Cracks: 

Credit Cards Accepted 

3 to 14"in long  See crack repair guide


No Credit Card Fee 

We also accept as payment:

  • Approved auto insurance claim. (Call for details)
  • Personal Check (restrictions apply.)
  • Purchase Orders (for commercial accounts)

Windshield Replacement Cost

If you have a vehicle with lane departure warning, rain sensor a new windshield replacement can easily cost close to $1000.  Nope, that is not a typo "one thousand dollars" or close to it.  Often much more if you have a higher end vehicle such as a Mercedes Benz or a Maserati you are looking at $1600 to $6000 respectively.  And you don't even want to know what a windshield replacement cost is on a Bentley or Rolls Royce. Oh, you do want to know... $8000 to $10,000 respectively.  

Is a $120 windshield repair price worth it?

Yes, Only if... 1. the technician can provide a quality repair.  If a big company sends you a technician with 6 to 12 months experience and you have a difficult damage to repair, then the result will more than likely not be satisfactory.  Often, the damage is not difficult to repair, but the repair equipment is inferior.  This often happens when the technician does both replacement and repair, because a replacement company will profit much more on a windshield replacement vs. a windshield repair they have little incentive to update their repair tools and provide the extra training to deliver a great repair. Looking at it from a business perspective why would they put resources into a service that reduces their profits?  Especially when they have the exact windshield you need with them in case you don't like the repair results.   To receive the best repair possible, look for an independent windshield repair technician that does not offer replacement.  You may notice our Replace quote page, this will direct you to our recommended windshield replacement auto glass shop. 

2.  If you have an expensive windshield.  If a windshield replacement cost you $150, then for only $30 extra you get a new windshield, right?  I say maybe. Question:  Is your windshield an original?  Meaning it has never been replaced before.  If it is an original windshield, you need to take into consideration the unseen safety benefits. If it's not an original, then you need research your chosen auto glass shop to see what certifications that both the shop and their technicians maintain.  The lowest price installation does not mean the best price if you receive a poor installation with possible water or air leaks.

You can find the national average windshield repair price at the national windshield repair association website and click on the "windshield claims" link.