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Step 1: Is it Repairable?

Send for Inspection - Recommended.
If your damage is up to 1.25 inch or smaller & there's been no repair attempts, you can skip to step 2. Or use our chip repair guide to learn if it needs to be repaired.

Step 2: Payment Options

As experienced technicians we worked with
many auto insurance companies and know the quickest means of obtaining authorization to minimize your time on the phone. You can also view our discounted rates here.

Step 3: Schedule it.

Repair Express - here you can view our hours of operation and mobile service area, check the weather and even schedule your desired appointment by time slot, all from one convenient page.

Windshield Repair Specialist

All windshield repair services are scheduled by appointment so please call for availability. For your convenience we stay open after hours to schedule appointments.

Since 1998 windshield repair has been our main focus. We have repaired thousands of windshield cracks from old classics to the prestigious Rolls Royce and Aston Martin and then every vehicle in-between.  If you read our testimonial page you might think our windshield chip repair technology can make your windshield damage disappear.  However, It is important to understand, each damage is unique.

Though we do the best repair possible for each of our customers, results will vary depending on many factors.  The shape, size, location on your windshield, and even the age of the damage all have variations on how a repair will result. The older a chip or crack gets the more contamination often enters the break. Contamination’s such as soaps and wax from car washes, water repellent applications, etc. Contamination usually occurs over several months time, so it not necessary that you must get the damage repair immediately, but within a week or two is advised. There are things you can do to help get the best windshield chip repair possible.  You can find these customer tips at the bottom of our Repair Express page.

The appearance of your damage after our windshield chip repair process will improve  by 80%  and sometimes more based on the factors explained above, leaving what looks like a water spot where the rock hit your windshield. In addition it will stop the chip or crack from spreading further.  
If you live or work around our mobile service area in Troy, MI it would be a privilege to serve you.   To schedule a mobile windshield repair visit our Repair Express Page or call 248.565.4085

Windshield Crack Repair up to 14 inches long:

crack repair If you have a long crack our windshield crack repair technology will stop your crack and improve its appearance. It will give you another chance to save your windshield before it grows beyond our repair requirements. This is a great money saving option for any vehicle owner, especially for windshields that cost thousands of dollars. Keep your original O.E.M. seal, save a lot of money and get the most out of your expensive windshield.

Long Crack Repair Guide.