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Did you know?
  • Most insurance carriers will waive your deductible for a repair (no cost to you).
  • A repair is a fraction of the cost of replacement.
  • Most damage smaller than a .50 coin is repairable.
  • According to major insurance companies, most broken windshields could have been saved if they were repaired in time.

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Just complete our form below and you can have your damage inspected. Schedule your preferred appointment and receive a quote.  Have a mobile device – Click the link below.

Mobile service appointment are scheduled by time slots. (weather permitting). Technician will call to confirm your appointment. Average repair time = 20 minutes.

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Instructions:  How to send a photo:

(Click on photos to enlarge examples.)
chip_nathanold chip1.  Make sure the damage is dry. If rain or a car wash was recent – face windshield in direct sunlight for 1 hour. Then, tape a white sheet of paper on the inside directly behind the damage and take the picture from the outside. Pointing at the crack with a pen or key will help your camera to focus.
2.  Send the photo to our email.  Please call to obtain our email address.
3.  You will receive a reply “Repairable” or Not repairable – within a few hours or less.  If approved, use the “Appointment Request Form” above or give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Tips for successful repairs:

(Click on photos to enlarge examples.)protect_chip
  1. Do not apply nail polish, crazy glue etc. & avoid a car wash until repair is complete.
  2. If rain is expected cover the damaged area, before your windshield gets wet. Take a piece of clear packaging tape (not duck tape, or scotch tape) clear off any dust from the windshield using a dry cloth and lay the tape flat (no wrinkles) over the chip. This will keep the chip dry, block out contaminants and allow you to use your wipers. See picture at left.
  3. If your windshield is wet from morning dew or rain from the night before, face the windshield directly into the sun 1 hour before your appointment. This will dry out any moisture from the break.

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